Do you have the need … to WEED? Let collection development products from Bowker help.

Academic libraries face the task of weeding on a regular basis, and collection development policies are built on it. There are many good reasons why:
  • To ensure currency and relevance – purge outdated materials
  • To protect or discard worn items
  • To provide access to the right titles per core recommendations
  • To increase shelf space for print titles or make way for the new learning commons
  • To determine and take action on gaps in the collection
But weeding is hard and downright emotional at times, not to mention costly, in both time and money. With the right toolset from Bowker, weeding projects can be streamlined, decision time capped, resources and budgets saved, and collections, developed!

Let Resources for College Libraries™ (RCL) and Bowker Book Analysis System™ help.

Resources for College Libraries™ is the premier list of core print and electronic resources for academic libraries, featuring over 80,000 titles in 117 subjects. Brought to you by ACRL’s Choice and Bowker, RCL covers the entire two-year and four-year college curriculum and provides a list of core titles that are essential for undergraduate study.

When weeding, staff can consult RCL to ensure that core items on the chopping block are kept or replaced with newer copies. Within RCL, all titles are part of core collections, so there’s no chance of discarding a core title. Also, many records in RCL provide Choice reviews or Outstanding Academic Title (OAT) designations to aid in the decision to keep or discard.

Bowker Book Analysis System™ is a powerful collection-analysis tool essential for the academic collection librarian to electronically compare a library collection against Resources for College Libraries. Bowker Book Analysis System is perfect for assessment, acquisition and weeding projects. This customizable, self-service analysis tool eliminates the need for manual comparison and reduces human error associated with one-by-one title look-ups. Leveraging the enriched data in Books In Print®, Bowker Book Analysis System enables the most comprehensive look at your collection, because it compares against all editions and formats of each title. Simply upload your list and the resulting reports will show the statistics and analytics on core and non-core titles.