Book Expo America 2013
Visit us at Book Expo America 2013 - Now in the Digital Zone!
Booth #DZ2156
May 30 - June 1, 2013
Javits Center, New York City

We have Moved! Bowker® will be exhibiting with ebrary® in The Digital Zone this year - Booth #DZ2156. Find us here. What's New at Bowker:
  • Access cutting-edge publishing industry research through the new Bowker® Market Research site.
  • Enable discovery of your titles through Identifier Services™ resources: Bowker Books as an Android App™, ebook Conversion Service™ and™.
  • Scan, search and save a title from your phone using the new Bookwire™ App.
  • View monthly aggregated ebook sales data using PubTrack™ Digital.
  • Leverage book and ebook metadata through Bowker Data Licensing.
  • Electronic Invoicing made easy through Invoice Central™ - a new and efficient way of delivering invoices to booksellers.
  • Bowker Books In Print® is a one-stop resource for your business, offering a wealth of bibliographic and enhanced data at a cost effective price. Register for a trial to Books In Print®, or to find out how to add your bibliographic data to our growing database from the US, UK and Australian markets.
Find out about this exciting Bowker news and more, by visiting Booth DZ2156 at Book Expo America 2013. What's happening at Book Expo America: Bowker will be presenting in several different conference sessions throughout the Book Fair: Session Title: New Insights & Trends In The 2013 Children’s Book Market
Speaker: Carl Kulo, US Director- Bowker Market Research
When: Wednesday, May 29
Time: 9:30 am - 10:20 am
Where: 1E11
Link to Session:

Session Title: Your Christian Shopper Could Be Buying More
Speaker: David Campbell, Senior Account Manager-Publishing Services
When: Wednesday, May 29
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: 1E02/1E03
Link to Session:

Session Title: Who Updates Publisher Metadata & Why? Downstream Vendors On What Happens To Publisher Metadata In The Supply Chain
Speaker: Patricia Payton, Senior Manager-Publisher Relations and Content Development
When: Thursday, May 30
Time: 9:30 am - 10:20 am
Where: 1E16
Link to Session:

Session Title: Making Your Metadata Rock: Improving How Your Titles Appear & Appeal To Customers
Speaker: Laura Dawson, Product Manager-Bowker Identifier Services
When: Thursday, May 30
Time: 11:00 am - 12:20 pm
Where: 1E12/1E13
Link to Session:

Identify Bowker® Identifier Services provides you with the resources that allow your titles to become more discoverable. As the U.S. ISBN agency, Bowker® is your first stop in publishing and selling your book. We also provide you with other essential tools to help you reach your audience. With an ISBN, you can manufacture your publication and sell it anywhere in the world. Publishers (big, small, or self-published authors), whose intent is to sell books or book-like products, all need ISBNs. Promote You’ve written your book. Now what?™ offers tools, advice,and resources to help you through the publishing process. We’re excited about authors taking the publishing process into their own hands, and we’re here to help however you need it. Research Bowker® Market Research is the leading provider of market research information and business intelligence on the U.S. and U.K. book markets, through the Books & Consumers™ tracker study and numerous ad hoc, customied research projects looking at specific sectors in greater detail. Books & Consumers™ helps publishers and booksellers discover and analye the book purchasing behavior of consumers around the world, informing their marketing, sales, and editorial strategies. Analyze PubTrack™ is a set of business intelligence tools and services from Bowker that give publishers, wholesalers, and distributors insight into digital and print market dynamics like never before. PubTrack provides accurate, reliable and actionable data, delivered in formats that can work immediately for your company. PubTrack™ Digital provides the most comprehensive view of today’s digital markets with this simplified “e” sales collection process, fully independent of retail reporting. Data coverage spans three years and gives unprecedented access to two of the main market segments (e-tail and Libraries/Distributors). We provide a cost-effective, secure system for reporting and accessing data through our Business Intelligence platform. View monthly aggregated ebook sales data and create reports by ISBN, Basic bibliographic data, Units Sold, Digital List Price, Extended value and BISAC codes. PubTrack Higher Education is the premier market intelligence source for the college textbook publishing industry. This service compiles textbook sales information from institutions nationwide in order to provide the college publishing industry with a suite of title-level market and course adoption intelligence tools. PubTrack™ Christian is the leading data warehouse, aggregation and analysis tool set created exclusively for today's Christian publishers and retailers. Combining the resources of Books in Print® global edition with up-to-date retail sales data affords you the opportunity to make informed business decisions that help your company and business partners reach their fullest potential. Transact PubEasy®offers thousands of publisher imprints and millions of titles to more than 16,000 booksellers in 110 countries. Publishers, distributors and wholesalers join PubEasy to get exposure to a large universe of potential clients, while increasing the ease with which those booksellers can conduct business with their suppliers. Booksellers globally use PubEasy® to facilitate cost-effective access to order placement, order tracking, price, title and availability data over the Web quickly and easily. They can check price and availability of a title and track order status from participating publishers, distributors and wholesalers. Pubnet® is the publishing industry's leading EDI provider, streamlining the labor-intensive ordering process for all with end-to-end POS integration, web based ordering/management tools, fast response ordering, invoicing capabilities, shipment tracking and a unique title database. Electronic Invoicing is made easy through Invoice Central™ - a new and efficient way for US publishers to change over to electronic invoicing, providing convenient access for booksellers. Deliver invoices efficiently through PubEasy®. Discover Books In Print® combines the most trusted and authoritative source of bibliographic information with powerful search, discovery and collection development tools designed specifically to streamline the book discovery and acquisition process. Books In Print® contains over 20 million global titles (in print, out of print, and forthcoming), including books, ebooks, audio books, and multimedia items. Publishers can submit their data to be in included in Books In Print® free of charge, please speak to us to find out how. Start your company out on the right foot with Bowker® Data Licensing! Uniquely positioned to help start up companies. Leverage book and ebook metadata right from the start, with a self-contained web application! Reduce your data management expenses while improving customers’ purchasing experience. Get real-time updates for new title releases, so you can beat the competition to market. E-books ebrary® helps customers acquire e-books strategically through a three step approach: Transition, Diversify and Streamline™. The company believes that by challenging the e-book status quo, organizations can effectively serve the diverse and growing needs of researchers and maximize their budgets. By partnering with hundreds of publishing partners worldwide, ebrary is driving the e-book transition, providing greater access to libraries and better market exposure for those publishing partners. ebrary's flagship subscription database, Academic Complete™ serves as a foundational, growing collection with over 8086,000 scholarly titles from which libraries can pinpoint end-users' needs and drive strategic e-book acquisition in other models, including Patron Driven Acquisition, Perpetual and Short-Term Loans.from which libraries can diversify acquisition models for the greatest ROI and serves as a mechanism that drives publishers sales across all acquisition models. Visit to learn more. Learn More
To learn more about these exciting products, and find out how Bowker can help make books easier to discover, evaluate, order, and experience - visit us at Book Expo America, in The Digital Zone this year - Booth #DZ2156.

Join Bowker at uPublishU on Saturday, June 1, 2013 in NYC! Guerilla Tactics for Getting Published
When:Saturday, June 1, 2013
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Registration begins at 8:00 am)
Where:Javits Center, New York City

Bowker is an Industry Supporter for uPublishU 2013 This one day conference allows aspiring writers and authors to learn from industry experts about self-publishing their works. The presentations cover technology and tools needed to publish in both print and digital. Also at this conference you will see: At the uPublishU 2013 event Bowker will present:
  • Get To Know Who Your Key Audience Is & Where To Reach Them!
  • Understanding How to Distribute Your Book
  • We will also have an exhibitor table where you will be able to ask questions on the ISBN and our self-publishing products enter to win our self-publishing prize package.
Event details:
  • This event is Saturday, June 1, 2013 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and lunch is included.
  • The price is only $99 with the early bird special until May 15, 2013. After that, the price increases to $199.
Register Now! More details on the Bowker presentations:
  • Get To Know Who Your Key Audience Is & Where To Reach Them!--The more you know the readers and consumers of the books you are writing, the better you will be able to target your marketing efforts and where you want (and need!) to promote your books. We will provide a thorough demographic breakdown of the buyers of ebooks and print books by the key book subjects of interest for self-published authors. We will also present a current overview of the book publishing industry by the numbers today. And ultimately, we will help you to understand how these readers and buyers of books are discovering the titles they are reading.
Moderator: Carl Kulo, US Director, Bowker® Market Research
  • Understanding How to Distribute Your Book--Authors will learn how to navigate the book supply chain. In this process we will define terms such as wholesaler, distributor, eretailer, and print on demand. Authors will understand the value of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and how to submit their title data to those that will aid them in distributing and selling their book. Definitions and flow charts will be provided.
Moderator: Patricia Payton, Senior Manager, Bowker Publisher Relations and Content Development Other Event Highlights:
  • uPublishU conference attendees will attend sessions where over 40 different speakers in total. Other presentations include bestselling authors, industry experts, and professionals who will share tips, tactics and best practices for authors to take charge of their publishing efforts. Sessions will offer advice for new indie authors as well as authors with several books already in the marketplace . All aspects of the publishing process will be covered. Attendees will also be able to interact with over 24 exhibitors, each with information on how their organization supports authors.
For the entire program: Click here. We look forward to seeing you there!