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FAQs: Books In Print®
Revitalize the way you connect to media with Bowker Books In Print. With a smart and attractive interface, it helps you search the marketplace and discover the right titles, including e-books, and connects you to the source. Search, discover, connect with Books In Print.
General Q: How accessible is Books In Print? A: Books In Print is fully accessible. It supports browser scaling of text, and there is a dedicated version that works on very specific high accessibility systems and devices, like Braille readers.Back to Top

Q: Is there a Global Books In Print?A: Books In Print incorporates all of the information available to Global Books In Print subscribers through the same interface. Back to Top

Q: What are Bowker Subject Headings? A: Bowker subjects are modeled on LC, but are not an exact match for LC. They are "LC style" in that they are of the form "subject--subdivision--subdivision--etc", and we use LC phrasing (like "Algebras, Linear" instead of "Linear Algebra"), but we are less specific than LC. Back to Top

Q: How do I order a book I found?A: Books In Print provides an independent view of sources and inventory from book and media suppliers you use every day. Simply choose a supplier and resume the purchase through their channel. Back to Top

Q: What happened to the Children's, Fiction, and Forthcoming Books rooms? A: Children’s, Fiction, and Forthcoming can be explored and found using the Books In Print's faceted Refine and the forthcoming Browse feature. Back to Top

Q: How can I see which awards are contained in Books In Print? A: You can see the complete listing of available awards in Advanced SearchBack to Top

Q: Does Books In Print support RSS feeds? A: It does. You can create an RSS feed out of any search, including its refine options. This is an easy and powerful way to create an update specifically for, say, upcoming audio books on gardening -- just perform the search, refine a couple of times, and hit the RSS button. This functionality replaces the current Books In Print Alert feature in Books In Print.Back to Top

Q: Which current products will Books In Print replace? A: Books In Print will replace all Books In Print sites including the current BooksInPrint®, GlobalBooksInPrint, ChildrensBooksinPrint, SpanishBooksinPrint and PatronBooksInPrint. Current Books In Print subscribers will be able to access the US market portion of the New Books In Print, whereas Global Books In Print subscribers will be able to access all the information within all Global Books In Print markets. Back to Top

Administration Q: Is there any kind of Administrator facility? A: Yes. You can setup Predictable URLs, and get Statistics. Back to Top

Q: Can I still link the Books In Print to my catalog? (Hooks to Holdings) A: Yes, this is setup via Predictable URL or Z39.50 in the Administrator section.Back to Top

Q: What depth of information do you get for publisher information? A: We provide all the same detailed information on publishers that we do in the current interface. In addition, all search results automatically present the publisher as a refine facet, so you can easily scope your results to certain publishers. Back to Top

Q: Can I still link directly to Fiction Connection and/or Non-Fiction Connection from my library's home page? A: Yes, click on the Fiction Connection icon on the the New Books In Print homepage. Back to Top

SearchingQ: Are there options for doing author or title searches from the single search box without going into the advanced search panel? A: Yes. By using search query parameters you can do power searches from the single search box that are field specific, and support Boolean operators. Queries like 'author:king', 'title:"harry potter"', or 'isbn:9873782732630' are possible straight from the single search box.Back to Top

Q: Can Books In Print still search by markets? A: It can, now even in an interactive manner. "Markets" are one of the refine options for Global Books In Print subscribers. So you will be able to do a search and then click on "Canada" under the "Market" refine option on the right side of the screen. You also have the ability to choose which markets display by selecting a default market in the Administrator section if you are a Global Books in Print subscriber. Back to Top

Q: Does the single search box allow for an ISBN search or does one need to go to advanced for that?A: Yes, the single search box indexes all the fields which are searchable in Book In Print, including ISBN. So you may search by ISBN simply by typing it in the single search box. Back to Top

Q: How does the relevancy ranking in the quick search work? A: Relevancy is determined by how often, how exactly, and where your search terms were found in a record. Quick search searches titles and variants, contributors, subjects, series, publisher/imprint, TOC, agent, chapter excerpts, awards, and numerical identifiers: ISBN (10 and 13, with and without dashes), EAN, and Bowker's item and title IDs.Back to Top

Q: Will there be a search box widget?A: This is not an option at this time. Back to Top

Q: Can the user customize the advanced search screen to defaults such as ‘only UK in print records’ A: Once you setup your field, results will be saved for your session only. Once you exit and come back in, they will be back to the default settings. Back to Top

Q: What is the search syntax used for advanced searching? A: The advanced search panel uses a friendly form to take advanced field search input and translate that to a query. The syntax uses colons to indicate specific field limiters, and can use Booleans (AND, OR, and NOT). An example query is subject:"Gardening" AND seriestitle:"Dummies".Back to Top

ListsQ: What is the difference between Staff Lists and the Lists found in My BIP? A: Staff Lists are Lists used by Librarians to help them build their collections. Staff Lists contain more comprehensive information about the titles that Librarians are interested in purchasing for their library.
The Lists found in My BIP are geared toward the Patron. These lists can be used to save books that you’d like to read or purchase, and can be downloaded and printed when you’re ready to head to the bookstore or library.
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Q: What is a Staff list?A: Lists can help you build a more comprehensive collection for your library. Lists can be downloaded in XML format. Lists will contain the following information:
  • ISBN
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Binding Format
  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Quantity
  • Ability to rename lists
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Downloading Q: Will there be a way to download records, or export the list of books I want to order into my ordering system? A: The New Books In Print will have the ability to download item records in ASCII, MARC21, USMARC, or CSV format.Back to Top

Q: How many titles can I download at one time? A: There is no set limit to how many titles can be downloaded at one time. Back to Top

Related Keyword Cloud Q: What is the related keyword cloud and how does it help me? A: The related keyword cloud is located in the upper right hand corner of the search results screen. It displays words sourced from the actual record of the title that you’re searching for. These words are tagged from the Record’s Annotations, Reviews, Profiles, Series, etc.

One key concern during the development of Books In Print was the desire to eliminate the most common problem in performing a search: reaching a dead end with zero results. This is why the related keyword cloud exists - to give the user choices that they did not initially consider or associate with the original topic of their search. Books In Print offers the kind of assistance given in a reference interview, guiding you to your answers.

Finally, the related keyword cloud brings serendipity -- finding something of great value that you weren't explicitly searching for -- into the experience. It'll increase the lucky accidents and help finding the gems in the richest book search on the market.
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Q: Can I hide the related keyword cloud?A: Yes - simply click on the arrow located in the top right in the related keyword box. Click on the arrow again to unhide the related keyword cloud.Back to Top

Refine Options Q: What are refine facets, and how do they help me? A: Refine, located in the right pane, provides a breakdown of the number of items found in various dimensions and categories (e.g. Author, Subject, etc.). This helps the user understand and filter the search results. Refining the query also builds a breadcrumb trail at the top of the results panel, giving the user a visual history of the ways they have narrowed their original results. There is no limit to how many refine filters can be stacked on each other.

Refine facets improve upon the concept of result filtering by adding interactivity: by showing exactly how many options there are for a limiter given your query, you never get 'zero results' using refine and, as a result, have a more effective search and discovery experience.

Books In Print has an unprecendented, powerful set of refine facets on any aspect of a title.
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MyBIPQ: What is MyBIP? A: MyBIP allows the patron to review books and enables them to create their own lists. Individual users can create a MyBIP account. If a group wants to share an account, they can create one and share the logon credentials. These lists can be downloaded and printed when you're ready to head to the bookstore or make an on-line purchase. Back to Top

Q: How many titles can I add to a list? A: You may upload a maximum of 200 titles to a BIP list. Back to Top

Q: How many titles can I download at one time? A: A maximum of 200 titles titles can be downloaded at one time. Back to Top