Use and Features Outline
Books In Print Use and Features Search Seaching for titles is easier than ever with new title level functionality. The vast Books In Print Global database, now at your fingertips. Discover Discover more of what you like with all-new visual display and social media features built into the Books In Print platform. Connect Your library, with the variety of new features, discoverability, and refine facets for facilitating research. Books In Print and Global Books In Print Access Books In Print combines the valuable content and search tools you've always known, with new discovery features, more complete bookseller information and a visually appealing interface that allows both professionals and end users to easily find what they need. No matter if you have Books In Print or Global Books In Print , all subscribers will enter though the same URL. The Books In Print display is based on your subscription. For example – if you have the global edition (formerly known as Global Books In Print ), then you will see the full array of U.S. and International titles. Books In Print is the over-arching name of the product. It can be displayed in a variety of ways.
  • The U.S. edition—contains United States publications
  • The Global edition—offers an expanded global view including U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K., and Australia