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Fiction Connection™ and Non-Fiction Connection™ from Bowker provide a comprehensive readers’ advisory tool that assists your patrons in finding book suggestions based on books they already have read, authors they like, and topics that interest them.

Fiction Connection gives readers the option of browsing categories such as genre, setting, character, location and timeframe. Non-Fiction Connection, using the same award-winning interface as Fiction Connection, captures narrative nonfiction books featuring characters, storylines and dramatic elements.

Together these readers’ advisory tools can simultaneously recommend fiction and non-fiction titles to your patrons. Every query returns suggested titles, so your patrons never reach a dead end. With each title suggestion, your patrons will be able to review enriched content such as reviews, annotations, and first chapters. Clicking on "Search my library's catalog" instantly shows them whether the book they want is available in your library.

Get the complete connection! Both Fiction and Non-Fiction Connection are complimentary with new and ongoing Books In Print subscriptions.

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