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Company expands service to growing population of Spanish-language publishers

New Providence, NJ, March 24, 2015 – Bowker’s popular, an online resource for tools that make books more easily discovered, is now available in Spanish, extending the website’s services to a broader range of customers. Just like its English-language equivalent, the new site – -- makes it easy to purchase ISBNs, barcodes, QR codes and the range of other services Bowker offers to help connect publishers with book buyers.

The new site is a reflection of Bowker’s commitment to serving the breadth of American authors and publishers. Spanish is the fastest growing language in the U.S. Of the 50 million Spanish speakers in the US, approximately 38 million use Spanish as their primary language. Further, Bowker will now be better positioned to serve the global community of nearly 500 million Spanish-speakers worldwide.

“We’re addressing a need expressed by authors and publishers,” said Beat Barblan, Bowker’s director of Identifier Services. “Our new site is especially important for the growing number of Spanish-language publishers who are looking for a broad range of tools to develop and market their books.” provides services to help publishers of all sizes reach book buyers. Designed to mimic a familiar retail shopping experience, the site enables visitors to purchase ISBNs – the essential unique identifier for books -- barcodes for easy scanning, and the Bowker Book Sales Widget to build awareness across social media. It also provides access to editorial and design services, as well as technical support in creating ebooks and marketing support such as publicity services.

About Bowker® (
Bowker® is the world's leading provider of the bibliographic information that connects publishers, authors, booksellers, and libraries with readers. The company has a 140+year history of organizing and applying metadata for books to support industrywide efficiency. With an expanded focus on Identifier Services (, Bowker provides resources to make authors’ and publishers’ titles more discoverable. Through its Books In Print® data services – including the industry leading Books In Print® database -- Bowker provides tools to promote, organize and sell books, supporting such ProQuest services as Syndetic Solutions™, Books In Print online, and the new library management system Intota™ Assessment, as well as discovery systems for book retailers and providers around the world. As the official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories and Australia, Bowker makes books easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience. A ProQuest affiliate, Bowker is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey with additional operations in the United Kingdom and Australia.

24 March 2015

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