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Authors create landing pages in three steps with auto-filled ISBN data

New Providence, NJ, November, 16, 2017TitlePager, a resource that enables authors to create great landing page sites for their titles, is turning to Bowker to connect them with metadata to enhance their business. Bowker is a ProQuest affiliate and acts as the retail agent for ProQuest’s renowned metadata.

TitlePager offers easy-to-build landing page sites that authors can use to promote their works. Using the Bowker Data on Demand API, TitlePager simplifies steps for authors. Now, once they enter their ISBN number, TitlePager will auto-fill details, making page creation fast and easy. Using TitlePager, authors can make a website for their books in three steps:

  1. Enter the book's ISBN number
  2. Customize – a little or a lot.
  3. Publish to the web with a custom sub-domain or author's own URL. (TitlePager will also set up a Facebook Page Tab app so authors can add their book to their page.)

"TitlePager makes instant marketing websites for books so authors and publishers can save time and money. We create these sites from the books’ ISBNs, so naturally we wanted to partner with Bowker,” said TitlePager Founder Joshua Mack. "Their Data On Demand API enables us to gather information for any book currently in print as well as any forthcoming book and integrate it into our product. They've been great to work with, and responsive to our needs."

Bowker collaborates with thousands of publishers, retailers, libraries and search engines worldwide to make their media collections – whether print or digital – easily discovered, evaluated and selected by users. The seminal Books In Print® database is used by customers to enhance their collections, embedding them with rich details and real-time updates that capture new title releases.

Bowker offers a variety of data and delivery options for any organization that needs information about physical or digital media to power its business.

About TitlePager (

TitlePager was created to make it easy, and very affordable, for authors and publishers to create great landing page sites for their titles. It came out of years of working with authors on their digital projects and strategies, a love of books, and a desire to help writers and publishers use the web well.

About Bowker® (

Bowker is the world's leading provider of bibliographic information, connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers. Bowker provides tools and resources, such as the Books In Print® database and Identifier Services ( to help authors promote and sell their books. Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate, is the official ISBN Agency for the United States.

16 November 2017

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