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Bowker Bibliographic Database

Fast Facts

1) 20 million global titles
2) Online comparison pricing
3) Forthcoming and out of print titles
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Books In Print® is the leading bibliographic database for publishers, retailers and libraries around the world.  From the enriched metadata that is supplied by publishers, Books In Print provides a valuable resource for retailers in the process of making smart purchasing decisions.

Books In Print helps you search the marketplace, find the right title, and explore all known format options.


Search everything in the market for books, ebooks, audio books, and videos, through a single Google-like search box, or create targeted result sets with Advanced Search.


Books In Print combines the most trusted and authoritative source for bibliographic information with powerful search, discovery and collection development tools to streamline the book discovery and acquisition process.


Find favorite authors, genres, and purchase points. Libraries worldwide consult Books In Print to find titles, create lists and decide which vendor, ebook platform, or online retailer to source the title from.

One-Stop Shop

Titles within Books In Print offer a vast amount of information: professional reviews, tables of contents, full-text previews, cover images, author biographies, awards information, summaries and annotations, and much more.

Global Offering

Books In Print contains over 20 million global titles (in print, out of print, and forthcoming), including books, ebooks, audio books, and multimedia. Books In Print is available in two subscription levels; United States and Global edition.

Character Search

Character Search allows you to search for a character from your favorite books. View search results for all titles the character appears in, and see a brief synopsis of the character.

Find Similar

Find Similar allows you to see suggested similar titles based on search criteria, or search by specific tags.


Browse will assist you in finding books based on authors, genres, or topics that interest you. Every query will return suggested titles, eliminating dead-end searches.

Bowker Bookwire™ App

The Bookwire app makes it easier for people to discover, evaluate, order, and experience books on the go.  It can be used on an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device. As a Books In Print subscriber you can access the full book records, review right way or add to selected lists to review later, all on your device.


Bowker offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your Bowker products and leverage everything they can do.

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Bookwire helps people discover, evaluate, order, and experience books. Powered by Books in Print® database, Bookwire makes it easy to search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, ebooks, audio books and more.

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