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Bowker Partner Companies

Fast Facts

1) Bowker partners with reputable services providers
2) U.S. partners: digi-Rights and Smith Publicity
3) Thorpe-Bowker partner: The Manuscript Appraisal Agency
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U.S. Partners:

digi-Rights offers rights assessment and rights clearance products and services designed to help you minimize your risk of copyright infringement. And they can show you how to boost earnings by licensing your book content.

Smith Publicity
Smith Publicity provides authors with book marketing, publicity, and promotional support. These services that will help readers discover your book, spark book sales, and help you build credibility as an author.

Australian Partner:

The Manuscript Appraisal Agency
The Manuscript Appraisal Agency (MAA) provides a professional manuscript assessment service for both first-time and experienced authors. Services offered include manuscript appraisals / assessments, mentorships, and editorial assistance.


Permissions Help Desk handles simple to complex questions and offers expert advice about negotiating licenses and clearing rights for your book content.

License your content. digi-Rights shows how to unlock the hidden cash in your book by making your content rights available for licensing to create added royalty income.

Smith Publicity

This highly-regarded and experienced book marketing firm can help evaluate your project and suggest tailored book promotion options to fit your goals and budget.

Smith Publicity gives you and your book the best chance to generate interest, be discovered by readers, and boost sales.

The Manuscript Appraisal Agency

MAA offers objective feedback on how your work might be received by a publisher based on market appeal, narrative interest and writing competency.

MAA provides a minimum of four pages of written evaluation by an experienced industry professional, looking at such areas as presentation, style, narrative flow, and commercial viability.


Bowker offers best-in-class customer service and technical support so you can hit the ground running with your Bowker products and leverage everything you can do.

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For Australian Customers

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