27 January 2016 News Releases

New CopyrightsNow™ App provides Apple® and Android Mobile Users U. S. Copyright Registration and Protection

Bowker and Digi-Rights® offer New Mobile App To Protect Authors’ and Publishers’ Works from Piracy and Illegal Copyright Infringement!

New Providence, NJ, January, 27, 2016 – Digi-Rights, creators of the CopyrightsNow service, an innovative mobile app that simplifies copyright registration and protection for creative works, is teaming with ProQuest affiliate Bowker to expand access to CopyrightsNow  for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android® phones and tablets.

“Since our recent introduction of the CopyrightsNow service, self-published authors and publishers have a new simplified tool for registering and enforcing copyrights for their creative works, protecting them from piracy and illegal copying,” said Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker.   “We’re excited to make this tool even more accessible with the new mobile apps.”

“We are pleased to partner with Bowker to offer self-published authors and publishers this mobile tool,” said Dick Stahl, Managing Director of Digi-Rights Direct LLC. “CopyrightsNow enables authors and creators to lock-in copyright protection for life plus 70 years without the paperwork and complexities.”

Works protected by copyright may vary from country to country, but in general include books, blogs, scientific articles, essays, novels, short stories, poems, plays and other literary works; drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and other two- and three-dimensional pieces of art; films and audiovisual works; musical compositions and software. Under U. S. copyright law authors must register copyrights within 3-months of publication and before any infringement occurs to preserve their rights to enforce copyrights and claim up to $150,000 in statutory damages plus attorney fees.

App usage is growing significantly with 88 percent of mobile users preferring to access productivity tools using an app instead of a mobile browser*.  CopyrightsNow enables authors to copyright and protect their work with a simple app that delivers the speed and security of a cloud service.

* Sources: 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report and 2014 The U.S. Mobile App Report

To download the App, click below for your device:

(Note: Although the App is FREE to download, the user needs to enroll through Bowker at myidentifiers.com to access the CopyrightsNow service)

    About Bowker® (www.MyIdentifiers.com)

    MyIdentifiers.com, part of Bowker® Identifier Services, provides authors and publishers with the products and services that allow their books to be discovered. As the United States’ official ISBN Agency customer service interface, it is the first stop in publishing and selling books and now includes a growing range of tools to help expand the audiences for authors’ works.

    About Digi-Rights® (www.CopyrightsNow.com)

    Digi-Rights Direct, LLC is a global provider of consulting, systems development, and rights management services and technology to the publishing industry. The company’s technology is used to process hundreds of thousands of licensing transactions by leading publishers through the Digi-EXPress® Rights Management System, patented suite of cloud-based software technologies and ‘best-practices’ that deliver automated rights assessments, rights clearance, permissions acquisition and licensing. Its CopyrightsNow Mobile App provides authors and publishers with instant access to copyright and protect their work.