12 October 2017 News Releases

ScoreIt! Users Double on Bowker MyIdentifiers.com

Enhanced writer service’s popularity grows in first year of teamwork with Bowker

New Providence, NJ, October, 12, 2017In the first year of its availability on Bowker Identifier Services’ website and ecommerce store (www.myidentifiers.com), the ScoreIt! enhanced writer technology developed by Inkubate, has doubled its user base. ScoreIt! enables authors to run a comparative analysis of their manuscript against the writing styles of commercially published authors. Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate, is the official ISBN registration agency for the U.S. and its MyIdentifiers website connects authors to the resources they need to effectively publish and market their books.

ScoreIt!™ analyses identify the characteristics, keywords and genre a book shares with commercially published titles and identifies high-value, targeted reader audiences.

ScoreIt!™ guides writers in:

  • unlocking their writing style matches
  • linking to the bios, titles and related reader reviews associated with each matched author’s book, so that they can quickly understand how to market their writing to readers
  • tailoring book marketing campaigns to attract new readers with proven keywords and marketing messages

ScoreIt!’s ability to connect self-published writers to important marketing intelligence helps them craft and launch advertising messages that deliver results. In the year since its launch on MyIdentifiers, self-published writers using ScoreIt!™ report they have doubled the number of impressions that their book marketing promotions receive.

“As in all retail marketing, increasing impressions is the key to increasing sales,” said Beat Barblan, Director of Bowker Identifier Services. “Now, thanks to ScoreIt!™, self published writers have easy and affordable access to big data solutions that make reaching readers significantly more efficient.”

Of particular importance to self-published writers is the ease with which they can access the public and social profiles of their matching authors, specifically their professional bios, title synopses and book reviews, all of which reveal important keywords and messaging that help them to connect to readers. Each ScoreIt!™ analysis also links to the matched authors’ titles on Goodreads, where they can find reader-generated keywords. These assist writers in crafting book marketing ads that specifically target their books to the readers of their matching authors.

“ScoreIt!™ is a dynamic technology that guides writers in properly positioning their titles to attract the readers and fans who enjoy authors with whom they share a similar writing style. Inkubate's technology matches readers with authors,” Inkubate CEO Don Seitz said, “ScoreIt!™ is the only commercial technology of its kind capable of identifying and comparing the unique writing styles of authors.”

About Inkubate® (www.inkubate.com)

Inkubate is a powerful data analytics platform that “fingerprints,” compares and ranks the writing styles of authors. Branded ScoreIt!™ for the self-published writer market and DiscoverIt!™ for the retail book, library and education spaces, Inkubate’s groundbreaking technology offers writers and readers exciting new ways of discovering one another. Inkubate’s technology can also assist in the efficient vetting of books by literary agents and publishers and in the review of content within the plagiarism and fake news fields.

About Bowker® (www.bowker.com)

Bowker is the world's leading provider of bibliographic information, connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers. Bowker provides tools and resources, such as the Books In Print® database and Identifier Services (myidentifiers.com) to help authors promote and sell their books. Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate, is the official ISBN Agency for the United States.