11 October 2017 News Releases

Self-Publishing ISBNs Climbed 8% Between 2015-2016

New Bowker report reveals maturation and stabilization in the self-publishing industry

New Providence, NJ, October, 11, 2017Since 2011, International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for self-published titles have climbed 218.33%, according to the latest report from ProQuest affiliate Bowker. A total of 786,935 ISBNs were assigned to self-published titles in 2016; in 2011, that number was 247,210.

This new study from Bowker highlights the latest self-publishing trends in print and ebook formats. For 2016 vs. 2015, the numbers indicate a continuing growth trend for print (+11%), though at a slower rate than a year ago (+34%). Ebooks show a slight decline in the number of title registrations (-3%), but this is a significantly smaller decrease compared to the prior year (-11%).

“Overall, we believe that these numbers point toward an ongoing maturation and stabilization of the self-publishing industry,” notes Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker. The report also indicates that the self-publishing industry is dominated by three service providers which, combined, account for over 84% of all print and ebook titles published last year.

“Tracking these trends and comparing the numbers over the years provides tremendous insight into this industry,” Barblan added. “This enables us to respond by offering the best tools and support to independent authors, according to their current needs.

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