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Bowker supports the needs of all publishers, big or small. Whether you’re a self-publishing author or general trade publisher maintaining a backlist of thousands of titles, Bowker offers critical resources to satisfy your needs, including assignment of unique identifiers, collection and distribution of metadata, and related publishing services. – also available for the Australasian market ( – makes it easy to purchase ISBNs, barcodes, QR codes and the full range of other services Bowker offers to help connect publishers with book buyers.

Products & Services


ISBN United States

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the most important identifier your book can have. As the official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories, Bowker provides identifiers to help authors get discovered.


ISBN – Thorpe-Bowker (AU)

As the official ISBN Agency for Australia, Thorpe-Bowker provides identifiers that help authors get their titles discovered. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the most important identifier your book can have.



Barcode is a graphical encoded representation of your book’s ISBN and price. When scanned at a store at the time of purchase, the barcode enables the vendor to maintain inventory and track sales.


Audiobooks from DeepZen

Bowker is partnering with DeepZen to convert manuscripts to audio in a fraction of the time – and at a fraction of the cost – of traditional studio production. You’d never know it’s digital!


StreetLib Global Ebook and Audiobook Distribution

Now it’s easier than ever to distribute your ebook or audiobook worldwide. Bowker is partnering with StreetLib to connect you with an unrivaled and fast-expanding distribution network of global online retailers.



With a unique combination of publishing expertise and technological know-how, the S4Carlisle design team offers a full range of services in print and digital formats including page layout, cover design, editing, and indexing.


Author Home Page

With Author Home Page, you can build your own author website – no technical skill required! We supply templates, images, and color palettes to help get your eye-catching website up and running quickly and easily.



Book2Look is an easy-to-use online tool for sharing and selling your book. It lets you monitor and control blogs, videos, reviews…your entire digital landscape.



The Standard Address Number (SAN) is a unique seven-digit identifier used to identify an address in the publishing industry. The SAN identifies customers for order processing, billing, and shipping purposes.



Bowker makes it easier for consumers to discover, evaluate, purchase, and experience books, in Bookwire.


Partner Companies

Bowker partners with companies that offer additional author services. Smith Publicity can help you promote your book and boost sales.